Case Study: Strategic Planning

Under Secretary of Defense Acquisitions, Technology, & Logistics Human Capital Initiatives


The OUSD AT&L HCI was established to create a high quality, high-performing Defense Acquisition Workforce, empowered to make a difference in acquisition outcomes. The OUSD AT&L HCI, as a newly established office, required support and Human Capital Strategic Planning expertise to complete their mission. This support included development of data warehousing and other automated systems to extract and synthesize data housed in legacy systems as well as incorporation of periodic data submitted from the Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM) for each branch of the Department of Defense and the Fourth Estate. 



ITG provide OUSD AT&L HCI with a blend of subject matter experts and analysts with expertise in Human Capital Strategic Planning, workforce analysis, and financial management. ITG coordinated the development, publication, and presentation of the strategic plan containing the strategy, analytics, and initiatives relative to the Department of Defense AT&L Workforce.

Our continued efforts include updates to the living Human Capital Strategic Plan; quarterly and ad hoc analysis and reporting on the AT&L Workforce Metrics, and tracking the budget execution of the Department of Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund. ITG supports the development and implementation of workforce-related data management initiatives, participating in working groups establishing common data standards, ontology and models; interface and integration requirements; and documenting workforce data requirements and processes.


The comprehensive Human Capital Strategic Plan was delivered to Congress and continues to be utilized as a key plan to drive improved acquisition outcomes and as the basis for required AT&L Workforce Metrics reporting.