Case Studies: Human Capital & Manpower


Defense Acquisition University

 DAU’s Defense System Management College (DSMC) desired an independent assessment of their organization, workload, and resource requirements to determine optimum staffing levels. 

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US Army Assistant Secretary Acquisition & Sustainment

US Army ASA&S required nine single point studies of its Program Executive Offices (POEs)  to validate workload and recommend optimal staff levels.

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Government Agency (Anonymous)

Changes in the Agency’s budget during the last ten years have shifted priority to strengthening the acquisition workforce. In order to better manage contracts, the government Agency increased funding for personnel. In order to assure that resources are optimally allocated throughout the agency, the Agency required support to build a manpower model to determine Human Capital requirements. 

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Case Studies: Strategic Planning


Veterans Health Administration

 In 2008 Congress passed legislation authorizing the creation of seven regional Consolidated Patient Accounting Centers (CPACs), and directed the Veterans Administration (VA) to transition the billing of commercial insurance for non-service connected healthcare services from its 153 Medical Centers to the CPACs.   As evidenced by a material increase in collections, the creation of the CPACs was a tremendous success. However, like all newly-established entities, the need for a strategic process outlining the way forward emerged.  

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Under Secretary of Defense Acquisitions, Technology, and Logistics Human Capital Initiatives

 The OUSD AT&L HCI was established to create a high quality, high-performing Defense Acquisition Workforce, empowered to make a difference in acquisition outcomes. The OUSD AT&L HCI, as a newly established office, required support and Human Capital Strategic Planning expertise to complete their mission. This support included development of data warehousing and other automated systems to extract and synthesize data housed in legacy systems as well as incorporation of periodic data submitted from the Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM) for each branch of the Department of Defense and the Fourth Estate. 

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