ITG's J-Accomplish™ is a flexible suite of web-based tools designed to assist the complex organization in accomplishing its mission through enhanced collaboration and communication. J-Accomplish™ provides uniform system architecture and user interface designed to allow interoperability between applications and their respective data and makes the overall user experience more productive and efficient. Built-in web services capabilities further enhance communication and collaboration between J-Accomplish™ and the rest of the organization’s information management infrastructure. 

ITG’s methodology is a six-phased, systematic approach used to document the requirements of an organization and its workforce. This methodology and J-Accomplish™ work together to help the organization answer the following four critical questions:

1. What do we produce?

2. How do we produce it?

3. How much do we produce?

4. Who within our organizations is producing it?

Automated Manpower Requirements Determination (MRD) leverages technology to extend the reach of the analyst by providing a virtual environment for collaboration and data collection. With Automated MRD, there is virtually no travel required to complete studies. Additionally, web-based, enterprise data repositories allow users to input data simultaneously and provide the facilitating manpower analyst with visibility into inputted values in real time. Equally important, a web-based deployment strategy enhances the quality of the data provided by widening the circle of participants in the data collection effort.